by Karen Lucas

daringabroad writing job offer

Why Write For Us? (updated Jan 06, 2022)

We’re looking for writers with the capability of writing scripts that present both bold, and clear arguments on a wide array of topics. These scripts need to be engaging and captivating, so we only accept the best of the best. Our current pay rate is $30 per script comprised of over 1,500 words and $20 for scripts between 1,000-1,500 words.


Important Notes/Requirements For Applicants

All applicants should be aware of the following important pieces of information;

  • All applicants must possess a native level of English fluency within their writing!
  • You must be able to consistently generate new and original ideas, it’s key to the position of a copywriter.
  • We’re especially looking to add people to our team who have a love and thirst for knowledge. We want people who are going to enjoy being given a specific topic, doing research on it, and writing about it!
  • Due to the sheer volume of pitches we receive, we’re unable to respond to all of the pitches that aren’t a perfect fit. If the writer did not hear back from us, they might want to take this as an opportunity to work harder on their proposal.
  • All written content and all other media submitted becomes our exclusive property and the writer does not have the right to republish that content on their site or anywhere else (on the web, in print, or otherwise).

Video Script Topics (updated Jan 06, 2022)

Here is a list of topics that we are currently looking for video scripts on;

  1. Personal finance tools and tips, remote work opportunities, investment, and online money-making opportunities, and other passive income opportunities that exist.
  2. Philosophical and psychological explanations of habitual human instincts, and why we behave in certain ways.
  3. Business Video Essays, and related topics concerning it.
  4. Political Video Essays, Geopolitics, World Issues, and everything in between.

There is as wide of a range of topics, as the human mind has conceptualized ideas. Anything that you can think of that’s in terms of political or world issues, innovative ideologies, or even interesting revelations – you can write about! The creative process put into these scripts is entirely yours to own.

Many articles presented discuss current events, but with a very unique and in-depth perspective. Our articles usually lead with a strong idea or argument, in an attempt to encourage audiences to think from a new perspective. We’re always looking to provide audiences with information that they can’t source elsewhere and that isn’t a current topic of discussion, but will be someday soon!

Scripts can be a product of specified research, professional or personal experience, reporting, or even a combination of these attributes. Generally speaking, submitted scripts will take the form of a personal opinion, story, or commentary, but this isn’t a necessity.

Script Submission Requirements

Our goal is to always deliver the best quality content to our audiences. Therefore, our script submissions do have requirements. Here are some examples;

  1. First and foremost, scripts must be delivered with the highest quality of content – it’s our goal to always provide this to our audiences.
  2. Content should always be original, engaging, and very thoroughly researched.
  3. Scripts must be written so that they are ready for video production (for voiceover purposes).
  4. The audience’s attention should be entirely captivated within the first two sentences, so really make them count!
  5. Utilize accurate resources, and be sure to properly reference them.
  6. Submissions must always be thoroughly proofread for both spelling and grammatical errors.

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