How to Wash a Pillow?

If you are searching for how to wash a pillow? Here in this article, you will learn how to do it.

Comfortable memory foam pillows made with bamboo fibers are available. These cozy, supportive pillows are excellent for sleeping but may be difficult to clean. Since memory foam and bamboo fibers are fragile, washing the cushion by hand and the cover in a light machine wash will help keep your pillow safe. You’ll have a crisp, clean pillow ready for use after you’ve done with air drying.

Can You Wash a Bamboo Pillow?

Maybe there is a question in your mind “can you wash a bamboo pillow?”. The quick response is “yes”! The specific product you have will always determine how much you can wash a bamboo cushion. A specialized cushion filling and a cover made of bamboo make up a bamboo pillow. The filler is memory foam, which has to be properly cared for.

When purchasing a pillow, you should always start by reading the precise cleaning instructions that come with it. For instance, the following instructions are included with our very own bamboo pillow:

The machine-washable and detachable bamboo cover. The memory foam filling cannot be washed in a washing machine. Although the maintenance directions for your specific pillow may vary, there are basic recommendations you can go by to increase the lifespan of any pillow.

Simple Steps to Machine Wash the Cover

Remove the cover from the pillow

Grab the cover’s closed end and remove it off the bamboo cushion by pulling it away from the pillow. Make careful to remove any clips, buttons, or zippers on the pillow cover or case before removing the pillow to prevent ripping the cover.

  • Look for a care tag on the cover or cushion, which may provide specific washing and cleaning instructions

Add the Cover to a Load of Laundry

Depending on the hue, place the cover in the washer with lights or darks. Wash the cover, if at all possible, in a delicate load, especially one that includes soft, bedding-like items. Avoid overfilling the machine to avoid tearing the fabric of the cover.

Fill the Machine with Gentle Detergent

Wherever indicated by the machine’s directions, add detergent. If possible, wash the cover with a mild or gentle detergent to avoid harming the fabric. Check the detergent’s label to ensure you use the appropriate detergent for the size you are washing.

  • If the care tag recommends a particular detergent brand, abide by that recommendation

Run the Wash Cycle on Delicate with Cold Water

To avoid washing your pillowcase too quickly or aggressively, which might cause it to tear, set the machine to cool or cold water and choose a cycle labeled “delicate” or “gentle.”

  • Cold water may be too severe in certain circumstances, while hot water is virtually always too harsh. Use a chilly, medium, or warm wash temperature to remain safe, depending on your options
  • Choose the temperature mentioned on the care tag if one was provided

Dry the Cover in a Machine Dryer on a Low Heat, Delicate Cycle.

Put the cover in the dryer with the same load it was washed in, and use the lowest heat setting. If your machine offers a delicate cycle option, choose it as well.

  • You may air-dry the cover next to the pillow if you want to be extra cautious or if your pillowcase is beginning to appear old.

How to Wash Bamboo Pillow in Washer?

If you want to know how to wash a bamboo pillow in the washer? carry on reading.

The machine-washable, detachable cover is the nicest feature of our bamboo cushion.

To get the best outcomes, follow these steps:

  • To reduce friction with tough fabrics, wash them separately. When we use the term “rough,” we’re referring to coarse fabric, towels, or anything with a zipper
  • Always avoid heat while using bamboo fabrics as a general guideline. The cloth shrinks as a result of the fibers being destroyed by heat
  • Always use warm or lukewarm water and a gentle cycle when washing it
  • Last but not least, use a gentle detergent. Use around a tablespoon of moderate or mild detergent per typical load size

Handwash the Bamboo Pillow Filling

Memory foam, either solid or shredded, is often used to fill bamboo pillows. If you don’t want to run the danger of destroying the pillow, this certainly gives you pause to consider which type of cleaning you should choose. This may seem thoughtful, but the reality is that most memory foam pillows must be cleaned by hand to maintain their shape.

This is mostly because even the most delicate washing cycle has the potential to be too rough and is likely to rip apart the memory foam, which will cause it to lose its form. When it comes to cleaning your bamboo cushion, however, a washing machine is not an option. In this case, the measures that you need do are as follows:

You will need a light or gentle detergent without chlorine to clean your pillow, regardless of whether it is built from solid or shredded memory foam. Mix the detergent into the water in your washbasin or bathtub until it begins to foam, and then proceed to wash your hands.

The following stage requires you to submerge the cushion in water until it has completely soaked up all the liquid. Rub the cushion with a soft cloth in a circular motion, being sure not to be too rough, and remember not to overdo it. Before starting the procedure, be wary of using excessive soap or detergent. This is mostly because it may be difficult to extract vast volumes of detergent with only your hands.

Once the detergent has been inserted, give the pillow a few lights squeezes as you would a sponge so that it can fully absorb it. Because there is a possibility that the pillow has gathered dirt on the inside, you need to be thorough, which means you need to penetrate the deepest levels.

Combine that with massaging the pillow until you see evidence that the detergent has worked its way into the stuffing, and then soak the pillow for a few minutes. This is the way to achieve a pleasant aroma afterward if that’s what you’re going for.

However, it would help if you didn’t let it sit for more than fifteen minutes at a time. Because of this, it will be more difficult to get rid of the moisture, which, in the long run, might cause damage to your pillow.

The last step is the one that requires the least amount of effort since all that is required of you is to squeeze the pillow out and then rinse it with warm water until all of the detergents has been removed from the stuffing.

Best Way to Dry Bamboo Pillow

You should never dry a memory foam pillow in a machine, just as we advised you to avoid using a washing machine to clean one. Yes, we know that it is useful and may help you save a lot of time, but it has a drawback in that it may cause the memory foam filling to degrade or even melt.

Interestingly, the other solution is simpler since you must let the cushion air dry.

Source: How to Wash Bamboo Pillows

Other advice is as follows:

The pillow should be placed on a spotless, level surface in a well-ventilated environment. You may place the cushion in direct sunshine, but you should rotate it occasionally to prevent one side from overheating.

Before using it, ensure it is dry to prevent mold and moisture development. You may check whether the pillow is wet by squeezing it to feel for moisture.

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