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Find out if you’re a Romanticizer, Maximizer or Hesitater

A thought-provoking approach to dating and love

by Karen Lucas

The Romanticizer has unrealistic expectations of relationships. They want the soul mate, they think that one love will make them whole and content with their lives, but deep down inside we all know better than to believe in fairy tales like these because at some point you have to grow up and start living life as well!

The Maximizers are similar only instead of being shackled by an unmet need or desire for someone else’s approval this individualizes it even more so there’s no room left open whatsoever on mental space considering how many options could potentially fulfill what was missing beforehand which leads me nicely into my next point about needing reassurance when making decisions–we can’t help ourselves if self-doubt gets stuck

There are two types of people in this world: Maximizers and Satisficers. While both groups have their own unique qualities, one thing that sets them apart from each other is how they approach decision-making when faced with a choice or selection where more than 1 option exists for whatever reason (i.e., getting married).

The maximized person obsesses over exploring every single possibility before making his/her final decision; even after deciding on something specific he’ll constantly wonder what else might be out there just waiting to happen – maybe something better! On the other hand, we’ve got those who simply settle once capped off by meeting criteria which means no more worrying–this person

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