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Journey of a Travel Blogger : The Story of Mohit Agarwal

by Karen Lucas

Mohit Agarwal travel bloggerI was in my sixteen’s when I first set out on a family trip and throughout the trip, I was completely lost in clicking the photos from different angles for the same thing.I was criticized a lot for making others wait. The day next to when we were back from the trip, I was in an urge for a next trip soon and searching for my next destination went through a number of sites but little I knew that who writes those articles and how is the functionality of site handled.As I grew up I was always inspired to travel and share my experiences with others. During my graduation, though I could not make it start my own blog for I always thought that academics are more important at the time and had to settle there.

As I grew up I was always inspired to travel and share my experiences with others. During my graduation, though I could not make it start my own blog for I always thought that academics are more important at the time and had to settle there.

Even my classmates used to make fun of me for I used to get a lot excited whenever someone uses to take up the topic for a trip or even a local day out. They sometimes even use to start the topic just to have a laugh out on my eagerness. But, somewhere in the heart, they knew that my passion is not wrong. And it’s because of me that our group got to experience something new even though I was new to the city and they were born there.

I planned and executed two successful `trips which my friends loved but yes it wasn’t only me responsible for the success as only planning is not a key to a great trip and the accompanying people should also be ready to cope with the situations because I am kind of a loose traveller and don’t research much for the place and act to the situations once at the destination.

Mohit Agarwal travel blogger

Initially I had to work a lot in convincing them for such an unplanned trip but in the end, they agreed and had a lifetime memory created in their mind.

The second trip was the most instantaneous one. After the tiresome celebrations of Holi (festival of colors) we slept and the moment we woke I asked my cousin to go on a trip as we had a five days gap between our exams. An hour of convincing him and his family we were all set to head out and guess what? The destination was to be decided on reaching the bus depot and only one thing that was fixed is our budget.

The return from the trip was when I decided to take up blogging but still, the time had not yet arrived.

After finishing with my graduation and staying at home I had all time to do nothing and then I thought people struggle to take out time from their 9 to 5 jobs for traveling and blogging and I have that benefit because anyhow I was doing nothing.

One day out of excitement while reading others blog I started my blog thinking it’s already delayed a lot and there will always be some or the other things to stop from doing it until it’s started.

One thing I never had was the fear of success or failure of my blog and the only fact I believe is that it’s a sure failure until the day I start it.

End of August 2016 came to be the start of the blog. Struggling with the intricacies of blogging of which I had no knowledge I started learning through the various social media groups. Facebook played a lot of importance in the growth of my blog.

Wait ! Did I tell you what my blog is about?

Coined a quite common name ‘mOhItArTs’ for my blog is something I feel I should not have done but not crying upon the past mistakes thought to grow with the same facing the hurdles as they come.

mOhItArTs’ a blog about my personal experience from the trips which as I told have no itineraries. My main focus while writing articles is to deliver the true facts and not build up only the good things that happened, after all, I don’t want my viewers to go through the same bad experience that I went through.

People read blogs to plan and have a better trip and to know about do’s and don’ts in a city. So being straight I write even the worst things I faced go in my articles along with the how I dealt with it.

But, doing that is not a cake walk.

Many times I receive critiques like “I won’t ever think of going on that deadly road trip” or “Your experience makes me wonder, if I should visit” and then convincing them that goods and bad come in along and one cannot always have only great thing to occur all time especially if we head out for exploring the city and not being a tourist.

So dealing with delivering bad moments while maintaining the reader’s interest to visit the place is quite challenging.

What I would say is “Never fear of taking challenges. No matter you know or not just take that challenge and learn on the way. You will never know your capabilities until you get down in the field”.

Another great challenge posed in front of me was and still is to hide it from my friends and family. Being a graduate they expect me to go out and work I too have no issues with it but the fact that until I have a job I am at home and seeing me all time at phone and laptop is something they don’t like very much similar to all parents as it should be. But still, I have to continue this way for the time till I have a noticeable work and income through this.

Besides blogging I am even getting my hands on social media management and a YouTube channel in support of my blog.

My advice to the upcoming bloggers who are still in the dilemma to decide whether blogging is made for them or not is that you won’t come to a conclusion until you start it. So keep your fears away and just start off with dedication and soon you will either gain more interest or lose it. No matter what but you will not curse yourself in future thinking ‘I wish I had started earlier’. I am saying this from my personal experience and not a made up thought. So just start before it’s late.

Once you start you will see others posting huge incomes they’ve made so your role here is to stay concentrated and not get deviated from building quality content. Just keep an eye on opportunities that come your way and choose only those that you actually want and not just fill your bags with it because once you commit there is an exit but will leave a bad impression if you go that way.

A little from my background is that I am a bachelor in Civil Engineering from a state university in India. Being an average student in my class I have been always a punctual and the most sincere student. That’s what my professors used to say. Also a kind of introvert but passionate for traveling sounds quite contrasting but that’s who I am. If you ever ask my friends they will say that ‘Normally I am not much talkative but the moment travel plans are to be made I spontaneously jump into the discussion and take hold of it’.

As of now, blogging has no share in my income but soon I have plans to convert it into a major source. It’s being six months to my blog and so far not building much being involved in the intricacies of blogging now I have started feeling that ‘Yes, now I have something worthy to share with my fellow readers’.

Looking into the present scenario of my life and blog is that 2017 has been a great start for my trips. About 20 days in the last month, I have been traveling and have visited 5 cities none in close proximity. It was like I returned from one trip and the very next day I am all set for the next one for which the plans were made merely a few hours before…That’s how instant plans are, sometimes alone sometimes in groups.

Coming to an end I would want you all to just follow your passion and if you are unable to decide which path to choose, just start with the first thing that comes to your mind and slowly and steadily you will either enjoy it or not and that’s the point when you will be in a situation to decide whether to change the path or continue on it..but never ever give up without a try…Believe me, if that’s actually meant for you then you will even enjoy the hurdles faced and put your heart & soul in it. After all, facing hurdles doesn’t mean that the job is not meant for you.

You can find my website here and my Facebook page here.

Mohit Agarwal travel blogger

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