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10 Best White Dressers 2021

by Karen Lucas

Applying makeup is a critical part of every woman’s day. And today, grooming is just as important for men as it is for women. The correct routine allows your skin to remain smooth and perfect throughout the day. To make this process easy, it is critical to ensure that all your products are accessible in the morning. This will reduce the hassle of forgetting to apply certain products. This is why a stylish white dresser is important. The right dressing table not only allows you to store your items, it also becomes a centerpiece for the décor you choose you’re your bedroom.

Best White Dresser

1. Tribesigns French Vintage Ivory White Dresser

Tribesigns white dresser, white dresser

This white dresser with mirror has a very high storage capacity. It holds three tri-mirrors, 5 drawers, and a padded stool. You also get ample space for all your accessories. It is multifunctional thus you can remove the mirror part, and an ergonomic chair and use this table as a stylish office desk. It only needs partial installations, and thus anyone can put it together. It is made of hardwood and decorated with flower-shaped carvings on the drawer. It has an anti-slip part installed to protect your flooring.

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2. Bathroom Vanity White Dresser with Table

Bathroom Vanity Desk Hair Dressing Organizer Drawer, White Dresser

You will love the contemporary design that this white dressing table comes with. It will complement the decor in your home with its soft white color and the elegantly made matching stool. It has five storage drawers that make it easy to store the accessories you have. The oval adjustable mirror can be adjusted and swiveled whichever way you want.

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3. Crown Mark Iris Vanity White Dresser

Crown Mark Iris Vanity Table & Stool, white dresser

The Crown Mark white dresser is high enough to make it easy to use by both short and tall people. It has a fantastic design that adds fun and elegance to your current bedroom décor. It is spacious enough to hold your accessories but does not consume a lot of space so it can be used by people who do not have a lot of space to spare. It does not feel or look like it is cheaply made.

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4. Bobkona ST. Croix Collection Vanity Dresser Set

Bobkona St. Croix Collection Vanity white dresser Set with Stool, white dresser

This black dresser, also available in white is made from high-quality wood that not only makes this table look great but also adds to its longevity feature. It comes with instructions on how to assemble it so you can do it fast and efficiently. It has high-quality fabric that is breathable and helps bring out the design of the stool. It has three mirror extension and five drawers where you can store your accessories.

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5. Frenchi Home Furnishing 3-Piece Vanity Set – White Dresser

Frenchi Home Furnishing 3-Piece Vanity Set, white dresser

For its affordable pricing, you may be skeptical of its functionality. However, it’s sturdy makes and exotic ivory finish will have you convinced that you have bought the right product. It is a tiny white dresser table that comfortably fits in rooms that do not have a lot of room. The mirror can be moved in any way you want making makeup application easy and convenient. Assembling this vanity table is relatively easy as it comes with instructions on how to do it. You can easily install your vanity lights easily and conveniently to add more beauty to the vanity set. A huge disadvantage of this product is that the seller offers no refund or replacement for worn or damaged parts.

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6. Linon Vanity White Dresser with Mirror Set

Linon Vanity Set white dresser, white dresser

This vanity set is made of high-quality wood and comes with an instruction manual making it easy to assemble and use. It is sturdy, and if well assembled, it will last you for a long time. Its paint finish is great and makes the table easy to clean after use. If you have a small room, you will love the fact that it is easy to store and has a compact design that will fit perfectly. If you are nearsighted, this vanity set is perfect since the mirror is close and you can easily see yourself. It has a great storage space for people who do not have many accessories.

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7. SONGMICS Vanity Set with Mirror and Stool Makeup White Dresser Table

SONGMICS Vanity Set with Mirror and Stool Make-up Dressing Table 5 Drawers with 2 Dividers, white dresser

The Songnomics white dresser comes with five spacious drawers where you can store your accessories. If you are short on space, you can still buy this vanity set and use this table as your office desk. You can choose to remove the top part for a more professional look. The mirror is 360 degrees rotatable, and you can, therefore, move it to any direction of your choice. It does not only have to be a table for an adult a child can also use it comfortably. However, the table is cheaply made and the paint chips off with time. You can repaint it yourself.

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8. Southern Enterprises Mirage Mirrored 2 Drawer Media Console Table

Southern Enterprises Mirage Mirrored 2 Drawer Media Console Table, white dresser

This comes with faux crystal knobs that add to the elegance of the drawers. It has two spacious drawers that increase your ability to store all your accessories in one place. The shimmering mirror top creates an impression that your room is big and spacious. The matte silver finish together with the reflective mirror creates an exotic appearance making this the perfect masterpiece for your living room, dining room or entryway. This product offers you great value for your money.

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9. Ameriwood Home Parsons Desk

Ameriwood Home Parsons Desk, white dresser

This is a small desk that will fit anywhere in your home. The best part is that if you are going to double it as a vanity table and an office desk, you will not have to disconnect any mirrors. The white finish will blend perfectly with any décor you may have in your home. Its compact design is perfect for people of all ages and sizes. It comes with a tiny drawer that makes storage convenient, easy and worthwhile.

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Best Drawer Dressers

1. South Shore Libra Collection 3-Drawer Chest, Dark Chocolate

white dresser

Every homeowner is looking for a contemporary, elegant and stylish home. A great way to achieve this is to ensure that the furniture bought for your home looks and feels elegant. With fantastic metal handles a pewter finish, this is a great addition to any home.  You will love that the corners are rounded for added safety. The drawers slide with safety latches and dampers. Cleaning this chess drawer is easy. All you need is a soft dry cloth. This product comes with a five-year limited warranty in case any of its parts do not meet your expectations or in case it breaks. It is made from high-quality, nontoxic laminated particle boards that guarantee that you are safe and your home will be kept safe from toxins. It has a chocolate finish that easily blends with any décor you may have in your home. It will easily become a cherished addition to any bedroom.


–    Easy to use

–    Convenient

–    Five-year warranty

–    Rounded corners for safety

–    Great size


–    It is quite heavy for its compact  size

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2. Sauder Shoal Creek Dresser, Soft White Finish

white dresser

This dresser comes with six spacious drawers. These drawers make storage easier and more convenient. It is perfect for children because the drawers have enough space to store clothes for at least two children. The four lower drawers are extra deep offering more storage space. This chess drawer is made in the United States. This guarantees you that you will get the type of quality you are looking for. The drawers have metal runners that allow them to glide smoothly. You will also love the fact that it comes in a stylish white color that will blend with your décor. If you are just starting to decorate, this can be an incredibly fashionable masterpiece. It comes with extra hardware to assemble it in case you lose some parts or need extras. The instruction guide is detailed with instructions on how to put the drawer together.


–    Easy to use

–    Easy to assemble

–    Great price

–    Great functionality

–    Fantastic color choice


–    This chess drawer is extremely heavy

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3. Sauder Pogo 3-Drawer Chest

Sauder Pogo 3-Drawer Chest white dresser, white dresser

This excellent chess drawer comes in a stylish white color that compliments the décor of the room you place it in.  It has a sturdy build that guarantees you that this chess drawer will be functional for years. It has solid wood knobs that give it a vintage look that is priceless. The wooden knobs are also stronger and will not fall off when pulled. In addition to the drawers, you also get a storage bin that increases the storage capacity of this chess drawer. While its assembly is time-consuming, its instructional manual does an excellent job of telling you what goes where. You also get the option of anti-tip safety brackets that make it safe and childproof. Considering the price, you get a lot of functionality and value for your money! Also, you get a lifetime free replacement of worn out or broken parts from the company.


–    Excellent price

–    Soft color paint

–    Great instructions on assembly

–    Tip safety option


–    It is heavy

–    Stickers don’t come off easily

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4. Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser

Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser, white dresser

This drawer gives you 6 spacious drawers that allow you to store everything including clothes. It’s sturdy makes guarantee you that you have all the storage space you will need for a couple of years. It is made of wood and wood composites. These materials give it a priceless look and allow it to look better as it ages. The metal glide system makes the drawers from pulling out making it easy and convenient to use. It comes with detailed instructions on how to put it together, and you will enjoy the fact that everything is exactly where it should be. It has been tested for lead, and other toxic materials have been proven to meet and exceed the government ASTM safety standards.


–    Easy to clean

–    Easy to use

–    Great color combination

–    Convenient to have

–    Spacious


–    Uneven  drawers

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Things to consider when looking for the right Dresser:

Buying the right dressing table is about more than just choosing the color. There are several things you need to consider to ensure that you buy the right dressing table for yourself or your loved one.

Space: Space is an important factor to consider. How much space do you have in your bedroom? The space you have will determine the size of your dressing table. If you have a little space,  you may opt for folding dressing table that allows you to have functionality and elegance while saving you some storage space.

Collection size: How big is your collection? A person who does not have a huge selection of accessories and makeup does not need to have a huge dressing table. If you have nothing to store on it, it may end up looking empty and throwing off the aesthetics of your bedroom.

Budget: How much do you think about spending on the right dressing table? It is always better to choose quality over quantity. However, there are brands on the market that provide you with excellent quality at an affordable price. You need a dressing table that will last several decades without looking old.

The material makes plastic, wood, composite material and density boards and some of the materials used to make dressing table. You need to choose a material that will complement the type of décor you have in your home.

Once you have considered what you will need to make your makeup table perfect, buying will no longer be a daunting task.


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