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Best Trundle Bed of 2022 | Extra Space & Storage on the Go

by Karen Lucas

The trundle bed is a fun, functional addition to any room. It can serve as an extra sleeping space for guests or it could be used in your home office so you have more flooring than just carpeted ground when working on the laptop all day long! A trundle bed or full-size daybed with trundle cleverly provides more sleeping space and storage.

1. Merax Bunk Trundle Bed

Bunk trundle bed

Rating: ★★★★★

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The Merax full-size trundle bed is a practical space saver that’s been designed with modern living in mind. It has scratch-resistant, water-resistant panels and safety features built into the frame to keep your child safe from harm or injury when they sleep at any point during their day/ nite!

Measuring 76.97” x 42.91” (L x W) on the upper bunk and 76.97” x 54.33” (L x W) on the bottom bunk, the full bed isn’t a squeeze. With the seamlessly hidden extra sleeping spot, the Merax trundle bed ensures that there is always room for one more. 

Mattress support

This trundle bed is designed to fit the 8-inch size on the trundle spot. However, you don’t need to invest in different mattress supports such as foundation, the slats system that come with the bed is enough.

Easy to assemble

One of the best parts about this bed is that you don’t need any expertise or skills to put it together. With only a few minutes to spare, and not even when you don’t have extra hands for help, you can get the bed ready. Thanks to the easy-to-follow instruction script that comes with the package.


This bed is designed using eco-friendly hardwood and during manufacture, the company ensured to follow on the five-step protective finish to guarantee the customer that this bed can last a lifetime.

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Notable Features:

– Affordable
– Easy to assemble
– Convenient
– Durable


2. Rhomtree Twin Bed with Trundle and Drawers

trundle bed

Rating: ★★★★★

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Looking for a place where you can lounge during the day comfortably and it’s also cozy for a night’s sleep? Then the Rhomtree trundle bed is also a good pick. This bed is priced slightly lower than the bunk and trundle combo. 

The Rhomtree trundle bed has ample storage space. It comes with three drawers underneath the trundle. These drawers are spacious and classy, which ensures that all clothes and any other linen do not stand in your way.

Pop up trundle

The bed provides twin extra sleeping space that is comfortable and spacious. It has wheels that make it’s rolling in and out efficient and reliable. When locked in, due to the drawer’s alignment, the trundle gives a beautiful view of the house and while you have guests, pulling out is simple and easy.

Efficient design

Unlike some other trundle beds, this one stands out on the market. It’s designed to ensure that it has utilized the small space you may have and still does not congest the room.

No professional needed: this bed is easy to assemble once your order arrives, any amateur can easily get the job done. Following the easily assemble steps, keeps you at pace in ensuring that it all looks well before use to avoid any possible accidents. 

Notable Features:

– Affordable
– Convenient
– Easy to assemble
– Twin size sleeping space

3. Atlantic Furniture Newport Flat Panel Foot Board Full Size Trundle Bed

what is a trundle bed?

Rating: ★★★★★

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Do you have a lot of personal belongings that fill up your dressing table every morning? You’re not alone. Atlantic Newport has the perfect solution with its trundle bed, which can store everything from behind panels and shelves in two compartments each!. With the help of hinges, the compartment and the shelves have a metal door that closes easily.

Easy pop-up trundle

Depending on the side you wish to place your trundle bed on, this bed can serve you right. Follow the instruction guide and the trundle rolls over from any side easily.

Full-size trundle with mass storage

The difference between these beds from all others on the market is its ability to store. When the trundle is not slept on, it’s designed in a way that you can use it to store all your belongings and avoid hanging things on the wall especially if you don’t have enough hanging space. Again, it comes with shelves and compartments, which gives it a plus in terms of storage.


This Atlantic Newport has value for your money. Its construction features real solid hardwood with a five-step protective finish to ensure the durability of the bed.

Notable features:

– Ideal mass storage
– Durable
– Convenient
– Solid hardwood construction

4. Concord Trundle Bed: Flat Panel Foot Board Full Size Trundle Bed

Concord Bed with Flat Panel Foot Board and Trundle Bed. trundle bed

Rating: ★★★★☆

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The Concord full-size daybed with a pop-up trundle bed is a perfect buy. It has a favorable rating on the market due to its continued durable service. It fits well even in the smallest room and gives you a cool rest as a day bed too.

The company behind this bed has ensured that once you buy from them, you receive exactly what you expect. The trundle bed is of high quality and it goes beyond the expectation from the first experience. The full white color of the bed gives the bed its simplicity and makes it match any house décor.

Pop-up trundle

The bed’s trundle rolls easily. The bed accommodates an 8-inch mattress to ensure the user gets much comfort as well as the one sleeping on the Concord daybed itself.


The artisanship behind the bed is of the highest standard. Using eco-friendly hardwood is a guarantee that the bed will give you durable service. The trundle bed has a five-step protective finish, which ensures long life. The white paint makes it uniform for all the room décor. Therefore, when you place your order, you will not have crushed the room colors and décor since the white bed will blend well with any color. It’s also designed with simplicity to ensure that when you have it in the house, you don’t require any expert help to get it assembled. Assembling it together is easy and fast since all the parts match and fit in perfectly.

Notable Features:

– Durable and eco-friendly hardwood
– Slat system supports the mattress, you don’t require any foundation
– Easy to assemble
– Convenient for small size rooms
– Compared to other beds, it is affordable

5. DHP The Tokyo Full Size Metal Daybed with Pop-Out Trundle Bed

best trundle bed, trundle bed

Rating: ★★★★☆

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This daybed with a pop-up trundle is simple in design but has all the requirements to make a wonderful piece while in the house. This simple trundle bed ensures that your guests are covered at night and you have your comfortable space at the daytime to relax and enjoy the breeze.

Design and material

It is made of metal, which gives it a bonus when it comes to durability. The design is convenient and compatible to any space of the room, therefore, it guarantees that your guests will be entertained over the one-night sleepover at your place. The comfort of your house will still be maintained since this metal frame does not consume a lot of space too. It has a cool finish of brushed bronze, which adds some character and charm to your living room.

Pop-out trundle bed

The idea is to ensure you have all the flexibility you need to have excitement while using this metallic bed with trundle. Once you buy, the trundle will easily roll either in or out with the help of the wheels under. It also fits perfectly two twin-size mattresses.

Notable Features:

– Metal Pop up Bed Frame

– Easy to assemble

– Affordable

– Convenient

– Durable

6. Furniture of America Modal Trundle Bed

Furniture of America Modal Daybed with Trundle, daybed with trundle

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Another simple way of lounging on a daybed with cherry colors. It’s the best buy for any living room, guest room or den. It has radiating, sumptuous style. The nails are delicately wavy for a perfect finish. The artisanship behind this bed includes various items, which when all assembled together, produce one beautiful piece that is attractive. When assembled, it measures 79.13” X41.38” X23.25”. this is an ideal bed size and it easily fits any size mattress. After the purchase, once you miss on anything, the company gives you a 30-day hustle-free replacement warranty.

Easy to assemble

The simplicity in its making ensures that it remains simple even when it comes to assembling it together. With only the help of two adults, the trundle bed can be ready in less than an hour.


It’s made of solid hardwood. This is a guarantee that the material is real wood and is not bound to any risks of breaking easily when the wood is not involved. It has a cherry finish, which makes even cleaning to be much easier.

Pop up bed

The need for mobility is very essential. Therefore, the trundle wheels ensure that moving the bed from one corner of the room to the other is easy and smooth. Also, the trundle through the help of the wheels is easily pulled in and out.

Notable Features:

– Easy to assemble
– Wheels for easy mobility
– Affordable
– Convenient

7. Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain’s Trundle Bed

Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain's Bed with Trundle Bed and Drawers, daybed with pop up trundle, trundle bed

Rating: ★★★★☆

This is one of the best trundle beds that is highly compatible with any bedroom size. It comes in colors that are lovable, friendly, and cooperative to any home décor. It has drawers on the foot of the trundle, which is a plus since even when you are in a fixed room, there is still a probability you will have mass storage for all the linen in the room and still have a decent place to sleep.

Twin size trundle bed with storage

The bed has three drawers, which is enough space to keep all your linen for a decent room. This trundle with wheels ensures that the bed is only pulled out when necessary. The wheels make the trundle bed versatile and it also saves you a lot of space in the room too.

Design and material

Once you have this Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain’s bed in your room, one thing for sure is that it will serve you for years and you will enjoy having it at home. The design is crafted to ensure your room not only looks great, but the person sleeping on it has the perfect dreams end. The material used is high-quality solid wood. This is to say there is a guarantee of long-term service from the bed even by looking at the material involved.


Different homes have different theme colors. However, there are colors that will always have a place in any décor and still be significant. Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain’s bed is available three different finishes dove brown, white and espresso.

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Notable Features:

– Has reasonable high rating on the market
– Easy to assemble
– Convenient
– Ideal storage space
– Has non-toxic finishes

8. Casey II Wood Daybed with Ball Finials and Pop Up Trundle Bed

Casey II Wood Daybed with Ball Finials and Roll Out Trundle Drawer, trundle bed, pop up trundle bed

Rating: ★★★★☆

This daybed with trundle will actually redecorate your room in a way that no other furniture can compare. It is perfect for office/home use, and the ideal installation in the guest room or you can even have it in your living room. It is classy, stylish, affordable and convenient. This gives a new look at the face of your room.

Sleep space/storage

The pop-up trundle has multiple usages. When you have extra guests, this is a cool space for your guests to take a nap. However, when the room does not have any sleepovers, you don’t have to keep looking for storage space to pack your linens; this trundle spot serves the purpose too.


You don’t have to own a big room for you to have this Casey II Wood daybed with trundle. With the limited space you have, it will actually fit well. This is because, when the trundle is not in use, it has wheels that roll it back in and use the Casey II for daybed rest.

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Notable Features:

– Convenient for any room size
– Made of durable material
– Affordable
– It is very sturdy

9. Nantucket Bed with Flat Panel Foot Board and Urban Trundle

Nantucket trundle bed, trundle beds

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Are you looking for something sturdy, inexpensive, and convenient? Then this is the answer for you. Among other guest beds on the market, it is one of the best you can get and have a different and unique sleep experience. Nantucket with urban trundle ensures to decorate your room with traditional looks.

Easy to assemble

Even when you are alone in the house, it’s still possible to assemble and get the bed ready. This is to say that, even when your guests are already seated in your living room, you can assemble the bed within in few minutes.

Real wood material

You may be tempted to think that due to its shiny and sturdy colors, the bed has a coating that resembles real wood. However, that is not the reality of the product. It’s made of real hardwood to ensure that it serves you right and longer.

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Notable Features:

– Easy to assemble
– Affordable
– Durable
– Convenient for small space room

10. Furniture of America Maggie Transitional Twin Trundle Bed

Furniture of America Maggie Transitional Twin Trundle, trundle bed

Rating: ★★★☆☆

What are you looking for when you get to the market for a new bed? Want something that has a charming touch? Then here is your answer. This Maggie transitional twin trundle piece will ensure all your dreams and wishes come to a reality. It has all features you would want to see in your bed from fine material to trundle case for privileged space.

Caster wheels

There is no point in lifting heavy items in the house in order to get that unique arrangement, the caster wheels on this bed ensure that moving it is easy and faster. Also, the wheels help in the flexibility of accessing the trundle twin/full-size bed.

Trundle Bed Material

It is made of non-perishable wood with a cool white finish for class and status in society.

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Notable Features:

– Convenient caster wheels and handles
– Affordable
– Easy to assemble


– The bed is yet to gain exposure on the market

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Trundle Bed: Types of Frames

The first thing you look in the frame of the trundle bed. Most frames are designed to look great because they are visible to everyone who enters the room. This is especially so for daybeds with trundle because some are kept in the living area. Safety is a very important aspect to consider when buying any bed. You need to ensure that the mattress support area is secure and strong enough to support as much weight as possible.

In this day and age, appearance is everything. You have to ensure that the material make and color of the frame of the trundle you buy is one that will match your décor. There are several materials to choose from.

Metal frames

Metal frames are usually not designed as solid pieces. Some trundle beds are made of a metal frame have a grill design. This design specifically makes them lighter. In the case of daybeds with trundle, metal frames are not very comfortable to sit on because the back is grilled and not solid enough.

Wooden bed frames

These trundle beds look elegant and classy because of the knotholes and the wood grains that are found on the wood. The best part is that there are several types of wood that you can take advantage of when making the bed. The different types of wood used also speak a lot of the color the wood will have. Wooden trundle bed frames also feel warmer than most frames because of their earthy color. They can be quite heavy to move especially if they include drawers.

Upholstered frames

Upholstered frames are covered in leather and fabrics that give a softer surface. These types of trundle bed frames are perfect for daybeds because people seat on them.

Types of trundle beds

Drawer trundles

Just as their names suggest, these trundle beds are made to feel and look like drawers. You can place a mattress in the drawer and turn it into a bed. However, when the bed is not being used, you can easily remove the mattress and use the drawer as a storage area. The main advantage of the drawer design is that once it is inserted into the bed’s frame, it fits perfectly and creates a uniform appearance.

Pop up trundle bed

These usually have wheels and are made of metal. Its main advantage is that it can be pulled up and brought to the level of the mattress on the primary bed. This way a twin-sized bed is instantly made into a king-size one. One can choose where to raise up the trundle or leave it low depending on what an individual’s sleep requirements are.

Type of mattresses

One thing you will need to know when you are looking into a trundle bed to buy is the type of mattress you will buy for your bed. As with buying any bed, the mattress material speaks volumes to the longevity of the mattress and how comfortable it will feel. Most of them use twin mattresses. When buying mattresses, it is always easier to buy two mattresses that are similar for uniformity.

Sprung mattresses

Coils offer great support to children because they are lighter and therefore do not require as much support.

Zoned mattress

These mattresses have more coil density at the center. While they can also be used by young children, teenagers may also benefit from them because they offer more support.

Open coil mattress

This type of mattress has an equal distribution coil throughout the mattress. This is perfect for twin beds because the mattress is only being used by one individual. When several people are sited on it, however, they will all drift to the center of the mattress because of the coil distribution factor.

Pocket sprung mattress

This is usually a foam mattress characterized by the fact that each coil is wrapped in a layer of fabric. For this mattress, support only comes where it is needed. It is great because pressure points are eliminated and thus comfort is achieved.

Continuous spring

This mattress is characterized by the close weaving of coils. Because of this make, the pressure exerted by the person sleeping on the mattress is distributed equally throughout the mattress. Support is therefore even.

Foam mattress

This mattress has become very popular in the recent past because the weight of the sleeper is distributed evenly thus it is very comfortable. Individuals receive the right amount of pressure and support because the mattress does not snap back into position. As a result, back problems are avoided.

When choosing foam mattresses, always remember that not all mattresses are made equally. Cheaper options tend to be less dense, less durable, and of course, less comfortable. It is important to ensure that there are at least four inches of dense foam between the solid core of the mattress and the sleeper. This will give the mattress shape.

Trundle Bed Price

How much are you willing to spend on the right trundle bed? This question will narrow down your search options. With a budget, you will have limited choices and the search will, therefore, be easier and more convenient. When buying it is important to remember, that cheap is not always expensive. There are some legitimate companies out there that are selling high-quality materials cheaply. Not all expensive daybeds will be made from high-quality materials.

Company and customer reviews

When choosing a trundle bed, it is critical to ensure that you buy the right brand. There are great brands that manufacture high-quality materials at a cheap price. Customer reviews will tell you whether a trundle bed is a high quality or not. Most customers are very honest in their reviews of the products they buy. Many of them even go back to update on reviews they wrote years ago to tell other buyers whether the products bought are still viable. Reading such reviews will help you make an informed choice when choosing the best bed to buy.

Have a look at what customers had to say about our top pick trundle bed on Amazon (Coaster Fine Furniture Trundle Bed).

What is a trundle bed?

Trundle beds can best be defined as beds that store a second bed underneath them. The lower bed usually stays in a down position and may even be confused with a drawer trundle. They are fun, stylish, and functional beds with coasters that allow the bed underneath to be rolled out when in use and to be rolled under when not being used.

There are truckle beds and daybeds with trundle. While they may have almost similar functions they are structurally different. Daybeds are framed to look like a love seat or a sofa. They are closed in on three sides with a backrest and armrests. When guests are in the home, these seats can be bolstered with pillows to make seating more comfortable. Underneath the seat, there is a trundle with a mattress where people can sleep. Daybeds can be found in the seating room because an uninformed guest may think it is just a seat. A trundle bed, on the other hand, is shaped like a bed. It does not have a back or armrest and is mainly found in the bedroom because they look like beds.

You don’t always have to buy a truckle bed; you can have one fitted with existing bunk beds or lofts. However, this can only be done if the size of the loft frame allows it. To maintain a fashion sense and keep the bed and the trundle looking the same, most people prefer to buy an already made trundle bed rather than having one custom-fitted. Before you do this, you need to understand the benefits of buying a trundle bed for your guests and children.

Benefits a trundle bed

Saves on space

If you have children, there will come a time when they will want to host a sleepover. If you do not, more likely than not, you have a couple of friends who enjoy sleepovers at your place. Organizing sleeping space can be tough especially if your home is not spacious enough to hold several beds for your guests. Trundle beds come in handy during such times. For instance, you can easily offer sleeping space to three people. All you will need is a mattress that can fit into the trundle. Even with daybed truckle beds, you can save on space because it will serve as a seat by day and a bed by night.

One fact you will certainly enjoy if you are looking to save on space is the fact that trundle beds also have drawers. You will not have to worry about where you can neatly store your children’s clothes or bedding for the extra beds you have.

Another space-saving advantage is that when they are not being used, you can use the trundle as a drawer for storage. By removing the mattresses, you have enough room to store very many clothes are bed linen.


Trundle beds are stylish. They come in many different designs and colors. If you are worried about whether or not the bed will match the décor of your home, it will. You can also put the trundle bed in the bedroom for a fashionable addition and a place to seat and rewind after a long day. You can make the truckle bed your masterpiece and focus all your other décor on its color and design. This way your room will look amazing. The décor will also never be outdated as long as your masterpiece is intact.

No movement

House movements can be extremely costly. If you have to keep shifting beds, you will end up spending too much money in the process. Such expenses can be avoided if you buy your furniture wisely.

The trick with buying the perfect bed is choosing the right size. If you choose an adult bed, for instance, you will not have to move or sell the bed you have because your kids have outgrown them. Your children’s rooms can also be easily turned into guest rooms long after your children leave.

Saves money

Imagine the cost of buying several fashionable beds for your kid’s bedrooms or for the number of guests you host at certain times of the year. This investment will not just consume space, it will be expensive. The guest your host do not stay at your place longer than just a couple of days. As such, the beds you buy will not be used most days of the year. With trundle beds, you will not have to worry about cost or expenses. Most beds like the coaster fine furniture 30107 and the DHP the Tokyo metal frame daybed cost just as much as a regular bed. You get two for the price of one. In a short time, they save you a lot of headaches and in the long term, you will find that they really give you value for your money.

Most trundle beds use the same twin mattress used in most beds. You will, therefore, save money because you won’t have to buy different bed linen. The two mattresses used on a trundle bed are therefore equal to one king-size mattress. The advantage is that the smaller mattresses are easier to transport when needed.


The last thing you want is people coming to your home and having to worry about waking up with all their bones intact. With the number of counterfeit companies today, it is difficult to trust trundle beds. Although your children love them because it seems like they are in a tower watching over everyone else. Most trundle beds today are not as sturdy as one would like them to be and most are made from materials whose quality is questionable. How do keep your child’s dream alive and still ensure that your children and guests are safe? Truckle beds come as the most obvious solution to this problem. They are not high enough to cause injury. Most of them and made with a sturdy base to support up to 400 pounds. You will rest easy knowing all your guests and children are safe.

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Francis Zitzmann April 29, 2018 - 7:14 pm

Is the back of a metal daybed structurally necessary?
Kudos to Karen Lucas for 10 best daybeds. I am almost 70 and downsized when I retired to Florida. Space and storage are most important; Karen did a great job explaining the benefits of daybeds. I just got my first one and, subject to the answer to my question, I intend to replace the balance of my old fashioned bedding with daybeds. Maybe even the couch and love seat; need multi-purpose furniture (w/ storage) when downsizing to significantly less square footage.
My ex-wife is moving down here; I am forwarding Karen’s article to her and my four children. Quality daybeds w/ good mattress supports can provide a first class look, yet also provide functionality. Old furniture simply takes up too much square footage and is one dementional.

Francis Zitzmann April 29, 2018 - 8:09 pm

Thank you, Karen Lucas, for you article on daybeds. From a 69 y.o. man trying to live in, and find storage, in a limited sq ft condo, I appreciate the education on multi-function furniture. I just got my first daybed, rolled the pop-up trundle out for the BR2 bed, and stored 7, yes 7, clear 14 inch high storage containers under the main daybed.
My question is this: is the back of the daybed (mine is metal) necessary to its structural integrity. Said another way, is the back even necessary?
I’m actually contemplating replacing my one dimensional couch and loveseat with the multi-dimensional daybeds.
Again, thank you, Karen.

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