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Best Saw Blades for Your Miter Saw

by Karen Lucas

The blade is the heart of the miter saw. However, even for veterans, choosing the best miter saw blade can be a huge hassle. There are different sizes, different brands, and several materials to choose from. You will also have to think about the number of teeth you need to get the job done. This admiral saw blade review sheds light on what you need to get the right blade for the woodwork you require.

#1. DEWALT DW3106P5 60-Tooth Crosscutting and 32-Tooth General Purpose 10-Inch Saw Blade Combo Pack

DEWALT DW3106P5 60-Tooth Crosscutting and 32-Tooth General Purpose 10-Inch Saw Blade Combo Pack

The wood industry is saturated with numerous machines with various responsibilities. Therefore, you will always find something to use and make your work interesting and easy. However, if you are looking for a machine that will give you exceptional results, DEWALT DW3106P5 is all you need in your arsenal. The item has 10” saw blade with 32 general-purpose teeth. This guarantees that you can cut across any wood with the list time possible. It will ensure your work has a professional touch even when working under tough conditions. The 32 teeth, guarantees effective cutting at sharp bends to provide the exact design you are looking for in your work. Additionally, this product is made of the top quality material to ensure longevity. The saw provides you with precision and the strength you need for all cutting.

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  • Durable material construction
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable for all wood cutting
  • Convenient for angle cutting

#2. Freud D0724X Diablo 7-1/4-Inch 24 Tooth ATB Carbide Framing Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch and Diamond Knockout Arbor

Freud D0724X Diablo 24 Tooth ATB Carbide Framing Saw Blade with and Diamond Knockout Arbor

Looking for a reliable way of improving your work at the workshop or the fields, look no farther. The Freud ATB Carbide framing saw blade is your solution. The blade retains its sharpness for a longer period to ensure durability. It has a stabilizer laser cuts vent that reduces cutting vibration as well as providing precision. It has thin kerf that guarantees you clean and fast cuts. The design is corrosion and gumming resistant, which makes it suitable for work under all weather conditions. The saw will ensure that you get professionalism in the work you do with accurate cuts all the way. The high-quality steel construction enhances the durability of the blade, hence making it a reliable tool all the time.

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  • Easy to use
  • Durable strong steel material
  • Convenient for precise cutting


  • Has a higher price tag

#3. Makita A-93681 10-Inch 80 Tooth Micro Polished Miter Saw Blade

Makita A-93681 10-Inch 80 Tooth Micro Polished Mitersaw Blade

A miter saw is specifically designed to provide you with quality and professionalism in your woodwork. However, when you get the right miter saw, it gives you the opportunity to feel the confidence in yourself as you get to work. The Makita micro polished miter saw is all you will ever need in all your wood experience. It is suitable for use within the workshop and in the fields. The saw has ever-sharp teeth that will guarantee to bring in a personal touch and precise results. With at least 80-tooth on a 10” blade, you are sure that the saw will simply your working hours and give you rest. Unlike other blades, Makita is designed using the best quality steel material for longevity purposes. The blade is also corrosion resistant to ensure you attain the same quality results with every use.

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  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • Saves time with numerous cutting teeth
  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for both in/outdoor use

#4. IRWIN Tools Classic Series Steel Table / Miter Circular Saw Blade, 10-Inch 180T (11870)

IRWIN Tools Classic Series Steel Table Miter Circular Saw Blade, 10-Inch 180T

Experience unique and quality cuts by using this circular saw blade from IRWIN. The design of the blade is specifically put together to ensure you get precision in all your wood adventures. It has a high-carbon heavy-gauge steel construction, which guarantees you the durability of the item. Therefore, you are sure that you will enjoy using the same machine to achieve the same smooth, precise and accurate cuts. The kerf is thin to ensure that it penetrates softly and accurately to any wood additionally, this guarantees that you will get the accuracy you need even for angle cutting.

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  • High carbon steel construction
  • Thin kerf for angle cutting and precision
  • Durable design
  • Easy to control


  • It is a little bit slow, which makes it unsuitable for bulk cutting

#5. IRWIN Tools MARATHON Carbide Corded Circular Saw Blade, 7 1/4-inch, 24T (24030)

IRWIN Tools MARATHON Carbide Corded Circular Saw Blade

Another exceptional from the IRWIN tools company. However, unlike other items, this is designed with a lot of precision to guarantee you the confidence of the user. It has a silicone coating that makes it easy for the blade to slice through any material you cut. The saw has a unique design that reduces vibration as you can hence making it user-friendly. The 24-teeth design makes it possible for you to use the blade in any work that comes across. Additionally, you can confidently use it to cut various sharps and angles thanks to the slim kerf design.

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  • Ideal for slim and angle cutting
  • Silicone coating for easy penetration
  • Heat/expansion vent slots
  • Convenient for all type cutting


  • Slightly expensive

#6. Hitachi 115435 10” 60T Fine Finish VPR Miter Saw Blade

Hitachi 115435 10 60T Fine Finish VPR Miter Saw Blade

When investing in blades, the best thing is to ensure you look closely at the quality of its construction. Hitachi has been in the tools industry for a long period, which guarantees you that they do not make mistakes in the products they produce. The machine is carefully designed using the best quality material to ensure it gives you service for a longer duration. The construction material withstands extreme dangers of cutting. It has shock resistant brazing that ensures it allows you to cut throw any material comfortably without fear. Additionally, it corrosion resistant thanks to the electrophoresis coating hence making it ideal for all weather use.

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  • Easy to use
  • Rust resistant coating
  • Durable construction design


  • Gets dull really fast

Selecting a Good Miter Saw Blade

The size of the blade

When thinking about getting a blade, you must think about the size of the edge you require. You need to note that a miter saw can only work with one blade size. You will, therefore, need to look at the specifications of your miter saw to know which size blade will work best for your needs. For instance, you cannot use a 10-inch blade on a miter saw meant to work with a 12 inch one.

The size will also be determined by the materials you will be cutting. If you are cutting wood, a bigger blade will give you more capacity. Sometimes, you can use table saw blades, and circular saw blades on your miter saw. Before you try this, check with the manufacturer to make sure the blade does not damage your gadget.

On the blade, there will be a specification of the max RPM it can handle. Ensure that your saw does not run at a high RPM than that specified on the blade or it will disintegrate during use. This can be dangerous for both you and anyone else around.

Of course, your budget will also dictate the size you get. The bigger the size, the more expensive it is. You, therefore, need to ensure that you refrain from buying a miter saw that is bigger than required to save yourself some money.

Blade material

The material of the blade will determine its longevity, resistance to rust and how well it can make cuts. There are three types of materials that you can choose from. These include carbide-tipped, high-speed steel and steel.

Steel blades

These are the most basic and sometimes the least capable blades. They however still do the job well they are great for softwood and materials such as plastics which are also soft. If you are working on hardwoods, these are not the blades you need because they will not do the job and they will end up being dull quickly. However, if you are on a budget, these will serve you well because it is the most affordable material.

High-speed steel

These are also made of steel, but they are designed to work at higher speeds and hence their name. They are much stronger and are therefore better for tough materials and hardwood. You will love these because unlike standard steel blades; these will not dull quickly. However, there are a little more expensive but well worth the price. They are therefore the best miter saw blade for hardwood.

Carbide- tipped blades

These are the most expensive of all blades on the market. While they are also made of steel, they are tipped with carbide which makes them extra durable and gives them great precision the tip of the blade does the most critical parts of cutting. These make a huge difference. These will not need to be sharpened regularly. If you get a blade with a bigger number of teeth, you will be able to cut with a lot of precision and through most materials. These are mostly great for professionals who need to make clean cuts all the time.

Number of teeth

The number of teeth for a miter saw blades would start at about 30 teeth and go as high as hundreds depending on the size of the blade. The more the teeth the blade has, the cleaner the cuts it will make. With each pass of the tooth, the blade will take a small piece of material. This is what increases the precision. The lower number of teeth is significant for people who want rough cuts. The fewer the teeth, the more significant the gaps that will be left when cutting. This means that the enormous amount of material will be removed with each pass. Less precision means you will work faster.


The thickness of the cut that will be made will also depend on the blade you purchase. This is determined by the kerf of the blade. It is particularly useful for removing a significant amount of material fast. The thinner the kerf the better the precision. However, these cuts are a lot slower to make.

How to clean and maintain miter saw

A clean miter saw will give you incredible cutting results and will also last longer. If you love working on wood and other materials, cleaning your miter saw should not be such a difficult task. Here are a few tips on what you need to do.

Remove the dust particles after work

After finishing your work, you should always make sure that you remove the particles and debris from your tools.  For this, you will need to blow compressed air into the areas of the saw that dust may stick to. Ensure that no dust particles are holding on the moving parts of your saw. Once your miter saw is clean, ensure that you wipe it dry with a dry cloth to prevent any moisture from causing rusting issues. Clean the cutting table, in the same way, to keep your workstation clean.

Cleaning the blade

Cleaning your blade is the most critical part of the process.  The functionality of your saw will largely depend on the blades. Here, safety is paramount. The blades are sharp and may cause injuries if you cleat the teeth with your bare hands. Use a brush to remove the dust particles. Apply some cutting oil to the blade in circular motions

Sharpen the blunt miter saw

If you notice that your blades are becoming blunt, always make a point of sharpening them. Use the appropriate sharpening tools and follow the required steps. You may also opt to hire a professional to sharpen the blade for you.


With proper maintenance, the best miter saw blade will serve you for years. When shopping always make a point of buying a blade that will suit your cutting needs. Sometimes this will mean going way over the budget, but for the right tools, this will be worth it. Be sure to follow all the safety guidelines to make sure that you and all the people around are safe as you work.


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