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7 Best L Shaped Desks 2022

by Karen Lucas

With the rising number of people who’re now becoming their own bosses and working from home, home offices are necessities in such kind of homes. The only way to create professionalism, maintain discipline, and create a work environment and maximize productivity is by setting aside a working space separate from any other area in the house. Home office desks, like the L Shaped desk, are therefore a crucial addition to the household’s furniture.

A home office desk is the heart of the home office. It’s where the computer, books, crucial documents, stationery, and all other office items are situated. Choosing a home office desk can be tricky and a little bit of a task but with the right information and ideas on what and how to get and organize it, the job gets easier. Below are the top 7 best L-shaped desks available in the market that you can choose from and will all meet your home office needs:

1. Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Desk with Hutch in Espresso Oak

Bush Furniture Cabot gives you a large comfortable work surface that lets you spread out comfortably while working.
Cabot completes your home with technology-rich features and a timeless yet simple design that you’ll love. Enables you to have your dream workspace at a pocket-friendly price and the style that you deserve.

It has a 4-port USB hub that ensures your devices are kept well connected. The Hutch has a matching fluted glass door that allows easy vision into the storage and completes its coordinated design. This L Shaped Desk has two large open compartments for storage and four work-in-process areas to help keep your Desk surface clutter-free.

This desk has efficient storage spaces that will fit all your equipment and supplies. It fits against any wall and makes excellent use of minimum space with its L-shaped design. The desk can work as both a computer and a writing desk.

2. Busw1h Furniture Somerset 60W L Shaped Desk with Hutch

The Bush Furniture Somerset spells out simplicity, class, and elegance at its best.
This is the ideal choice for a person looking out to make a professional statement and maximize their home working capabilities
The desk has a big enough workspace area that allows you to spread comfortably and keep all your working items in easy access.
The convenient pull out tray beneath the work surface allows storage of your keyboard and computer safely
It has sufficient storage compartments and pulls out drawers that allow you to store your supplies and working materials in an organized manner.
Transitional styling on Somerset includes tapered leg accents, charming finishing, and contemporary metal hardware for an alluring appearance to match your current decor.
Its L shape allows the proper maximization of little space in your room.
The two lift up glasses at the top of each side are frosted to conceal storage eliminating clutter.

3. Sauder 412320 August Hill L-Shaped Desk Dover Oak Finish

For people with a small spaced room, this equipment perfectly suits them.
This L shaped desk is a simple short profile desk that provides a very large workspace area for working.
It has two large enough sides of the working space that can allow you to place your desktop on one side and work on the other comfortably.
Has a file cabinet enough to store your larger-sized documents and files with very easy access and they’re easily adjustable according to one’s needs.
Has a sizeable shelf beneath the working area that you can place your keyboard or other working equipment for easier access.
Though the desk seems low, there’s actually ample space beneath for comfortable leg space that allows you to spread easily.
The desk also has some cutouts or holes as allowances for you to run your wires to keep your devices connected.

4. Sauder 417586 Harbor View Computer Desk Salt Oak

This L shaped desk is another of Sauder’s Harbor View low-profile collection model with an ample working area that allows you to spread and work comfortably.
It is a simple-looking desk that would fit in with any décor of your room
It is most convenient for people with not so big spaces set for office areas in your room
The desk has pre-drilled holes at the back to allow the passage of cables to keep your computer connected.
The desk has plenty of space in the drawers for storage of your working tools.
It’s extremely easy to assemble and comes with a simple step by step guide on how to do that so anyone can assemble it.
The furnishing of this desk is perfectly done and generally, it’s a simple but amazing desk that will give you a perfect working area to build a home office of your desire

5.Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves

The Ameriwood desk is best placed in a corner for minimization of the space required to build the office and provide more space for the rest of the home office. However, this doesn’t limit the areas you can place it.
It is a simple working area that has two huge open shelves with ample space for storage of books, files, and documents at the side, and being an open storage area, anything you store on the shelves will be quickly and easily accessible.
The workspace area on this desk is desirably very huge and you can place your laptops, tablets, and all other tools comfortably on one side of the desk while you work on the other.
The desk also has two grommets built into the Desk to organize and manage your cords.
The stylish design makes this l shaped desk a perfect addition to any home office, study, student bedroom, or dorm room.

6. SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk Wood Top

The L-shaped corner computer desk is a simple and easy-going choice that saves space in the home office when placed snuggly at the corner of the room.
It is convenient for someone with a small office space that would not fit any other big desk.
Its top has a huge surface area to comfortably hold all your working documents and machines
It’s very easy to assemble with a step by step direct instructions and hardware for the same.
The open shelves open sizeable shelves provide a perfect room for storage of your binders and books and the top of the desk has two grommets to organize you cords
There are holes designed at the backside of the desk for the cables to pass through for connecting the devices to power.
The desk is a relatively sturdy, good looking, and simple desk to design a perfect home office.

7. SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk

This desk is the perfect choice for a person seeking class and simplicity at the same time.
If you’re concerned about how to save space or if you have minimal space for setting up your desk in your home office, just go for this L-shaped corner desk from SHW. You may even set up this home office desk in the corner of your bedroom.
In the middle part of the desk, you can set up your computer desktop.
Its design is a unique perfect addition to any room and fits into any decor
Its material is made of steel frames, a powder-coated finish, and tempered safety glass that creates an alluring beautiful appearance.
The desk has a footrest bar at the bottom that allows you to comfortably rest your legs while working
Enables space saving as it can be placed at a corner for minimization of the area space occupied


Choosing the best desk that will work efficiently meet all your needs and expectations and perfectly blend into the room you want to keep is not an easy thing to do and many people have a hard time when deciding what to settle for. The numerous options may also get confusing on what to go for. However, to avoid such confusion and indecisiveness, it’s wise to first and foremost consider a number of factors when choosing so as to pick the best.

1. Availability of space

The very first factor to consider is the amount of space that you have available to set up your home office desk. When deciding to buy an office desk, you already have an idea of where you’ll set up your desk to create a working area. Choose a desk that will fit in the space that is available. Some people do not have a room set aside to be used as a home office. They usually set aside spaces in other rooms like their bedrooms to create space for a work area. In this case, one may be tight on the space available. Choose a desk that will not take up a lot of space in that case.

2. Comfortability

If you mainly work from home, chances are that you’ll spend most of the time in your home office, on your desk particularly. You, therefore, have to choose a desk that will give you maximum comfortability and protect your back to avoid back problems. Choose a desk that is neither too low nor too high.

3. Ease of assembling

Some desks will come already factory assembled while others will come ready to be assembled by the user. Both have their advantages and disadvantages which you can consider. If you purchase a desk that is not assembled and you have to do it yourself, ensure it’s easy to assemble.

4. Storage needs

Working at home means you have all office related equipment and supplies you use to work including files, paper reams, books, desktops, tablets, stationery, and other documents. You want an l shaped desk that can hold everything you have together without being overloaded or cluttered. Determine and know how you’ll be using the desk to determine the type and quantity of storage you need. Keeping everything neatly organized and easily accessible in the desk drawers, storage units, and shelves instead of placing them all on the work surface on the desk allow you to have a conducive and ample working area organized in a storage unit or drawer nearby. Ensure the desk you choose has enough storage compartments to fit all of your equipment and supplies.

5. Power connectivity

With electrical devices like a printer, a computer, and a scanner that need constant connectivity to power while using them, you need a desk that can allow for easy connectivity and passage of cables. Analyze your power needs and consider a desk that’s fully equipped with cutouts or holes and USB ports to make a power connection and connection between devices a walk in the park.

6. Budget plan

Budget consideration is something everyone should consider to work within when purchasing anything otherwise one can go all in blindly and purchase unnecessarily expensive items that may not fulfill our needs and you end up getting disappointed. Set a realistic budget according to your ability and needs and then thereafter choose a dest among all those that fall within your estimated budget.

One important factor to note about home office desks unlike many other home equipment is that it’s not always that the most expensive furniture has the best functionality and that suits everyone’s needs. Laminate and wood veneer can offer stylish, modern, and cost-effective solutions. Glass and solid wood, on the other hand, are sophisticated high-end executive desk choices for offices that need to impress.

7. Height of the desk

The height of the desk is a very important aspect to consider, for both comfortability-wise. The desk you choose should be comfortable. Ensure that the height of the desk you decide to purchase is of a comfortable height that you can work on for an extended period of time without causing any strain resulting to back problems.

8. Your personal style

The design or model of the desk may not directly affect in any way the functionality of the desk itself but it may indirectly affect the productivity of your work. A desk with a style, design, or model that you really like and feel good about will make you happy and content to work on. You can be more productive when in a good mood than when in a boring and discontent feeling due to the style of your desk. So yes, go for what makes your heart happy and teases your feeling about the desk. A desk of your own style will spark up passionate energy in doing your work.

9. Material used to make the desk

It goes without saying that some materials are stronger, sturdier, and more durable compared to others. Do a study on the best materials that will give you quality service and be sturdy enough to hold the weight of everything you place on the desk plus you as you work on it. If you want a wooden desk, ensure you choose a desk made of the strongest wood that won’t disappoint you by breakages and chipping. Before purchasing a desk, investigate the actual kind of material used to make the desk.

10. Weight limit

Some desks have a low limit of the weight they can hold while others have a relatively higher limit. Some desks are not convenient for the placement of heavy machines. This means that once you overload such desks they may break and cause total disappointment. Know the weight limit of the desk you’re choosing to ensure it can comfortably hold what you have to use.

11. Decor and other furniture in the room you’re going to place it

Choose a desk that will not look off and unattractive in the room you choose to place it. Consider the other constants in the room and choose a desk that will fit into the room and match the already fit furniture and the whole decor to make the room remain good looking and not too dull or vague. Consider the chairs in the room, the other furniture, the carpet, walls, wall shelves, and other things.


Working from home means you’ll have quite a lot of items for work, a lot of books and paperwork, equipment for working and so o that have to be all In the home office. The desk is the heartbeat of any home office, so it’s important to keep it clean and clutter-free. A messy home office and working space can create confusion, minimize productivity and interest in work because working in a congested area where everything lies everywhere is not interesting.

Looking for documents can be a big hassle and record-keeping becomes useless and difficult with time. The home office area, just like any other room in the house needs occasional clean-up and organization to avoid stress during work. This will keep your work easier and enjoyable. Tips on how to organize your home office and keep it conducive for working include:

1. Once in a while go through your documents and shred what is not necessary. Some papers and items become unnecessary over time and are no longer of any importance being in the office. Such items only cause congestion and limit on space which would otherwise be used to store other important things. Do away with old unnecessary documents to create a bigger room and improve organization.

2. Distinguish your l shaped desk drawers by storing only similar items in the same drawer, shelf, or compartment. Avoid mixing up different kinds of items, papers, or documents in one place because that poses a problem when accessing a certain file or document that you need. Storing similar items in the same place ensures you can easily access what you need within seconds because you know what lies where.

3. Sort out paperwork every single day before leaving the home office. Go through and determine which need to be scanned, filed, or shredded, then do that before you head out. This makes it easier to organize your work and prevent a messy mix-up.

4. Make use of files. Files are very important in any official work including work done at home. The numerous documents, transaction receipts, official letters, and any other records need to be organized and files help you to do that. Store all documents of the same type in one large file and have several files for that. That way, a lot of space is also saved.

5. Work on one task at a time instead of trying to multitask. You might think that multitasking is an easier way to get things done at once but the truth of the matter is that multitasking is a cause of messes. Instead of struggling to work on everything all at once with everything on the desk, focus your attention on a single task at a time. To further minimize clutter, make the one thing you’re working on the only thing that gets to occupy space on your desk. Keep everything else away from the desktop.

6. Label your files. You can label your files in different ways, for example by use of names on each, using distinguishing colors for different purpose files, or whatever another way you wish. To distinguish, you may mostly want to use files with different colors and differentiate the function of every color of file for easy access and to avoid confusion on what goes where.

7. Avoid having meals around your office desk or office area. Be disciplined to set time aside when you leave the working area to use the dining table. This prevents spilling and pouring edibles on your desk, your documents, and your machines as this would cause damage. It also ensures that you leave no utensils lying on your desk and causing your work area to stay and look disorganized most of the time.

8. Get a home office dustbin and make good use of it. The longer clutter piles up, then you’re likely to get used to it and the more likely you are to let it stick around subconsciously. To keep clutter to a minimum, get a little trash can so you can instantly get rid of documents that you no longer need.

9. Return all documents, files, stationery, and other work tools back to their rightful positions after a session of working. Place the items in the drawers, the shelves, or wherever they belong and leave the work surface clear and free of stuff. Only place all that working equipment on the desk surface when you’re working.

10. Organize your cables. Disorganization of cables underneath and behind your working area provides an unpleasant environment and confusion. Tangled and carelessly lying cables will definitely cause distraction and reduce the speed and flow of work. To manage this situation, get some zip ties and collect your cables together in neat little bundles, then tuck them away so you don’t have to look at them.

11. In case your desk has no storage compartments and you have to place your books and other documents on the table, ensure they’re always well-arranged.


A well-decorated classy home office with an exciting outlook will make you want to work all day, every single second. A home office can showcase not only necessary things like the computer and office chair but can also be a place for different colors to keep you balanced, textures that make you comfortable, and furniture items that support your workload and decorate the space. Inspire the flow of creativity incorporating your ability like drawing, reading, painting, crafting, or interior design. Fill your home office with vibrant art that energizes and motivates you.

Here are some ways you can make your office more friendly and pleasant to look at and work in:

  • Think about adding a rug, a light fixture to make a statement, fake plants and flowers, and anything else to make space comfy, cozy, beautiful, and calming.
  • Install floating shelves that can be stacked with binders, magazine boxes, decorative baskets and gemstones, portraits, and more.
  • Another way to give life and glamour to your home office is by refreshing its lighting. Look for a beautiful light fixture that complements the room décor and place it strategically near the desk.
  • Put your walls in perfect and maximum use at your home office space. Wall-mounted baskets or beautiful stylish or simple matching storage boxes are an easy way to file mail or to-do tasks
  • On the wall too, you can add a vision board that allows you to keep your vision and make it easier for achievement, a bulletin board, an inspiration board that gives you morale to perform your work purposefully, a time table that allows you to manage and maximize your time or mood board above your desk. Fill the walls with things that inspire you. It could also display your to-do list, calendar, or photos.
  • Showcasing a colorful painting, photos, curvings, portraits, and wallpapers in an otherwise plain home office can completely change the aesthetic appeal.
  • Your space should inspire you and reflect your personality or passion. Use your favorite colors and a style of your choice.
  • Being organized is key. Starting every workday fresh and feeling motivated helps you manage your time and increase productivity. Using baskets, boxes, and colorful organizers for files and documents could not only save you valuable time but create the order you need.
  • Use bright lively colors on the walls and furniture if you can. Work in the magic of color. Bright colors give a bright and lively environment to work in.
  • Make it modern and stylish. Use whatever formula that spells modern to you from the desk, chair, rug, and the light fixture. Go bold.


Space on the landing

Anyone would find it weird to think that you can actually use the stairs landing space where nobody even thinks about as an area of consideration. In a house with minimal space and every other room is packed or maybe too dark to study or work in, the landing area is actually really convenient especially if there’s a window right above that space, which provides ample natural lighting. All you have to do is to look for a smaller size desk that is simple and light with little or no compartment since you don’t want congestion in that area. That way, you can create a perfect working space that will allow you to meet your home office needs.

Space under the stairs

Nobody ever thinks about this place. Nobody even visits his place. Do you even remember about it anyway? Well unless you have real plants that you have to often water. To some, this is often a dust trap space and an area where all awkward items whose use is not even needed anymore are kept to be forgotten.
You can save this space, clean the area, place some beautiful plants or flowers to bring life, and then bring your desk and chair plus a light fixture. That way, you have a home office area that everyone would be fascinated to sit under.

Your bedroom

With a carefully considered layout, it is possible to turn your own bedroom into a dual-purpose space that can fulfill your sleeping needs and also perfectly work as your home office. All you need to do is to ensure the sleeping area is well defined and choose a desk that suits both an office set up that is a comfortable working area and a bedroom setting for example one that could easily double as a dressing table.

You can add shelves above the desk area and invest in some matching storage files to keep your work materials organized. For your bed, a bed that serves two purposes is also a good idea. You can go for a collapsible bed or a bed with underneath drawers for storage space of office tools as well if the desk has no storage compartments.

The hallway

The hallway is also a good area to set up your home office if you’re tight on space, just as long as you keep it simple and clutter-free to avoid congestion and still maintain a classy appearance. Look for a simple desk with enough storage to keep your documents organized.

The desk can serve as a decorative desk too where you can place flowers, gemstones, decorative items, or portraits. Right above the desk, you can add open shelves where you place medium or small-sized books and magazines, fake plants, or picture frames. Make the space as beautiful and simple as possible. You can make a secret office in the hallway.



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