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10 Best Electric Griddle: Top Picks For 2021

by Karen Lucas

best electric griddle

Anyone who loves cooking knows just how important it is to have that one equipment in the kitchen that is multi-functional. An electric griddle is one of the most useful multi purpose items in the kitchen.

One of the main benefits of owning an electric griddle is that you can make an all in one breakfast buffet for yourself and your family. You can cook eggs, bacon, pancakes and toast bread on the same surface at the same time.

Best Electric Griddle: Top Picks For 2018

1. Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle – Top Pick!

Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle, presto electric griddle, cast iron griddle

Rating: ★★★★★

One of the worst things that could possibly happen is trying to get your food all nice and tasty and the temperature goes up and your food burns. Usually, this will take a few minutes and your tasty food will be ruined just like that. The Presto 07061 electric griddle automatic heat control ensures that the temperatures remain as desired to cook your food evenly.

The extra-large cooking surface makes it easy for you to make a large amount of food. This is perfect when you have family and friends over or just want to make a lot of food at a go.

Easy to clean and store

Once you have removed the heavy aluminum base, it is easy to slide the griddle pan right off for cleaning. This makes it convenient and easy. It also makes it easy to store especially because the handles are removable.

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– Affordable
– Easy to disassemble
– Automatic heat control
– Non-stick surface

2. Broil King PCG-10 Professional Portable Nonstick Griddle – Best Large Non Stick Griddle

large electric griddle

Rating: ★★★★★

When you are cooking for a big family and you don’t want either of the members to miss what you are making in time, then you need a bigger cooking surface. For extra large size cooking surface, boil king PCG -10 professional portable non-stick electric griddle is the best deal in the market.

Large cooking surface

When calculating for the best electric griddle, the size of the family is very important. With a big family, this griddle with its measure of 21 by 12 inches becomes a guarantee that everyone will have enough for the day.

Adjustable heat

When cooking, the most challenge is how to regulate heat while making different flavors. The Broil King PCG-10 is easy to regulate heat to your recipe needs. It goes up to 425 degrees.


It is manufactured and designed with a ceramic non-sticking coating to ensure a non-stick surface as you cook and so as you clean you have an easy time with minimum cleaning efforts. It also has stainless steel handles.

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– Easy to use
– Time-saving while making breakfast
– Durable
– Non-sticking surface
– 2 years warranty
– Suitable for large families or commercial use
– Has adjustable leg for easy draining
– Large. Storage problem.

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3. BLACK+DECKER GD2011B Family Size Electric Griddle

Black & Decker GD2011B Family Size GriddleRating: ★★★★★

When you are reuniting with your family, the best way to wrap every communication is by sharing something together. The BLACK+DECKER GD2011B electric griddle is a perfect way of cementing all that. It is manufactured with the ability to cook for eight people at a go. Once you have prepared enough for the whole family and there is still some more to eat later, you don’t have to be worried the food getting cold. This appliance has a warming tray to ensure your food remains warm for a long as you would wish.

Removable drip tray
The removable drip tray collects all the excess fats in your food and away from the surface of the electric griddle thus making it easy to clean when you are done making your meals.

Adjustable temperature control
Regulating heat is a dreadful nightmare. However, the control system on the griddle ensures that your heat is evenly supplied across the surface and gives you the chance to observe maximum cooking while making different recipes.

Spacious cooking area
The bigger cooking surface also helps in saving time when you have more than one meals to make with a limited time.

Warming tray
If you are the type who prepares food in advance before the guests arrive. This warm tray ensures your food is in perfect warmth waiting to be served.

Non-stick cooking surface
Cooking needs to be enjoyable and exciting, with a non-sticking surface.

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– Perfect size
– Thermostat installed perfectly
– Durable
– Easy to use
– Ideal for fishing and camping vacations
– Removable tray does not hold much liquid

4. Cuisinart GR-4NAMZ 5-in-1 Electric Griddler – Great Value For Money

Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler

Rating: ★★★★☆

With this device in the house, you don’t have to buy other appliances to get the job done. It serves as an electric grill as well as a griddle depending on the occasion and the sequence of your usage.

The Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 electric griddle is practical, well equipped and affordable.

It is one of the best kitchen appliances you can reward your cooking needs with at all times. Cuisinart gives you the chance to have it all just from the comfort of your house. You can grill your chicken, steak, griddle pancakes and also make your perfect paninis.

If you have this electric griddle, all your needs are met. You can use it either multitasking or choose the options you want at a time. It has five usage options that are geared towards giving you the results you want from the kitchen. You may choose option one for contact grill, option two for full grill, option three for full griddle, option four for half grill half griddle and option five for Panini press.

Simple control
The electric griddles knob is easy to use and adjusting the temperatures as well.

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– Easy to use
– Multifunctional
– Simple control
– Save time
– Easy to clean
– Reversible and removable cooking plates
– Made of stainless steel

5. Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler Elite Grill, Stainless Steel

Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler Elite Grill

Rating: ★★★★★

The Cuisinart GR-300WS electric griddle has a considerably large cooking surface to ensure that you can get the job done within the shortest time possible. It also has so many beautiful features:

  • You get six cooking options; Panini press, top melt, full griddle, contact grill, half grill and full grill
  • Dual-zone temperature control
  • It can sear for up to 500 Fahrenheit for as long as two minutes
  • Removable, reversible non-stick griddle plate
  • Grills and griddles
  • 240 square inches of cooking surfaces; it gets even better
  • Fully adjustable top cover

And with a high rating on Amazon, it is a guaranteed that you will not regret purchasing this appliance. Click Here to See Latest Consumer Reviews on Amazon

You will love the fact that you can griddle eggs on one end while you grill bacon on the other. The process is fully customizable because it allows you to set the timer so food doesn’t burn which I think is just amazing. The dishwasher is all you need to remove the greasiest, stickiest and cheesiest mess left after cooking.

The only problem I have with this electric griddle is the fact that sometimes you have to soak the grill plates before washing them. Maybe it’s just me but sometimes, the cleaning isn’t done quite well. However, for the features and the price, I think I can live with this small flaw.

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– adjustable dual temperature control
– Adjustable top cover
– Multifunctional
– Sear function
– Affordable
– Easy to use

– Need for soaking grill plates before washing (sometimes).

6. Oster CKSTGR3007-ECO DuraCeramic Reversible Grill and Electric Griddle

Oster CKSTGR3007-ECO DuraCeramic Reversible Grill / griddle

Rating: ★★★★☆

If you have an experience with the non-stick coating peeling or flaking then it is true to say that you may have lost trust in the non-stick design. However, this is not the case here. The Oster CKSTGR3007-ECO is guaranteed to last 4x longer than other standard non-stick coatings. The dura ceramic surface provides lasting durability and exceptional non-stick performance. It also has a warming tray to ensure that your food is warm at all times thus making it ideal to prepare your food prior to the eating time.

The dura ceramic surface provides lasting durability and exceptional non-stick performance. This electric griddle also has a warming tray to ensure that your food is warm at all times thus making it ideal to prepare your food prior to the eating time.

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Warming tray

Ensuring that your food is warm for the longest dinner sessions you may hold. The tray also gives you enough room to prepare all your meals from the same spot.

The innovation behind the dura ceramic non-sticking trays makes it exceptional from all others.

– Multifunctional
– Easy to clean
– Easy to use
– Warming tray
– Cooking surface is convenient

– Small for large families.

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7. Presto 07211 Liddle Electric Griddle

Presto electric griddle, 07211 Liddle Griddle

Rating: ★★★★★

It’s made of cast aluminum which ensures that heat is evenly distributed for a balanced cooking. It has a nonstick finishing which is durable and guarantees the production of healthier food always; it also has a coating of slight texture for efficiency in service. And if you are on a budget, this is one of the most affordable griddles you can buy. You can check the current price here.

Presto 07211 electric griddle is convenient since its size guarantees you that it will save your kitchen space when in use and even when stored in the cabinet. When not in use its storage is designed to fit in the standard size cabinets since the handle legs can be easily unscrewed for better storage.

This electric griddle comes with one-year warranty manufacturers warranty. Its non-sticking surface makes cooking and cleaning easy as it is time-saving. Unlike the other griddles, this one is designed with the convenience of preparing meals for one or two people.

Presto is definitely a trusted brand in the griddle business. Take note of appliances that come with the Presto brand because you are sure of money back guarantee.

Depending on what you are cooking, the cooking surface is ideal for simultaneous cooking at regulated temperatures.

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It has an automatic regulation on temperatures to ensure that all your meals get the appropriate temperatures to cook.
– Ideal size to fit small kitchen space
– Easy to use
– Durable
– Easy to clean
– Affordable
– Ideal for camping and hiking

– Small in size.

Buy on Amazon.com

8. Hamilton Beach 25360 Indoor Flavor/Searing Grill

Hamilton Beach 25360 Indoor Flavor & Searing Grill electric griddle

Rating: ★★★★☆

The Hamilton griddle is among the most trusted manufacturers of kitchen accessories. Therefore when you buy an electric grill from with this brand, then you are not only sure of build quality but also service of the gadget.

This electric griddle gives your meat moist to ensure that when you grill your meat will taste just as you would wish for from searing moist and tender results. It also gives cooking flavor to yield your taste glands appropriately. It has higher heat temperatures, ideal for flavor and juices and the cool down grilling temperature to finish cooking and bring a final result that is worth the wait for tender results in every bite.

Removable nonstick plates
It features nonstick cooking grid which is removable and they just go straight to the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Therefore giving me time to focus on the sweet taste rather than the dishes.
Removable lid
Another effective feature is the removable lid. This makes washing easy since it’s possible to immerse it in the dishwasher for cleaning.

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– Preheat lights, power& amp
– Adjustable temperature control
– Outdoor flavors indoor
– Removable non-stick plate
– Removable hood
– Plastic parts.

9. Hamilton Beach 38546 3-in-1 Electric Griddle /Grill


Hamilton Beach 38546 3-in-1 electric Grill electric griddle

Rating: ★★★★☆

Again, Hamilton Beach has a reputation for combining affordability, space-saving, and time-saving capabilities. This device is convenient because you can use it as a griddle or as a grill or as a combo of both.

It’s features

  • It comes with two temperature controls that allow me to customize my cooking which is just lovely
  • It has 180 square inches of cooking surface – just right for me to include all the cravings I have for the day
  • Center grease channel which allows my cooking surface to be grease free.
  • Removal grease tray because the grease doesn’t just pour down, the tray is dishwasher safe and thus easy to clean
  • You can use it to grill and griddle or both if you want

The multi functional Hamilton Beach 38546 electric griddle has 2 independent cooking areas with heat regulation. This feature is an amazing one because it allows you to cook your food at different temperature. These heating elements are built in and have their own control dials. You can, therefore, cook one side on low and the other on high without worrying about spoiling the food on one side or the other.

The grease removal feature allows you to easily remove fat from your food. It also has a groove where all the collected grease slides in therefore making it easy to clean.

It’s smart design that allows you maintain it clean and in good conditions all the time. Both grill and griddle plates are removable for easy cleaning in the dishwasher. The non-stick surface also gives it a plus in its services; it not only gives you quality time when washing but also quality food outline.

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– Grease removal
– 2 different temperature control
– Easy to clean
– Versatility
– Limited cooking surface area.

10. George Foreman GRP4800R 4-in-1 Multi-Plate Evolve Grill (Grilling, Baking, and Cupcake Plates Included) – The Swiss Knife

George Foreman GRP4800R 4-in-1 Multi-Plate Evolve Grill griddle

Rating: ★★★★★

Affordable yet very capable, the George Foreman GRP4800R ensures it eliminates up to 42% of fats from every meal with its adjustable cooking angles.

This is a multi talented swiss knife like electric griddle handles pretty much almost everything in the kitchen. This champion is a money saver as well. It’s a collection of many appliances in one. It can grill, griddle, bake, panini, and much more.

It has a digital control panel. The digital panel helps in verifying different cooking temperatures for different food at all times. This makes it easy to cook even when you are not sure how to regulate the temperature.

For restaurant results and quality at the comfort of your compound. The searing option gives high heating up to 500 degrees.

There is also an adjustable angle for multifunctional options tilting the angles of position to either grill or Panini.

George foreman evolve grill design is made to perfectly meet the needs of the user. It’s made of high tech advanced ceramic plates to make it more durable.

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– Value for money
– 42% of fat removal
– Adjustable angle
– Durable
– A searing option


– Plastic parts.


The Broil King PCG-10 Professional Portable Nonstick Griddle is our top pick for the best large electric griddle.  The smaller Presto 07061 22-inch is the overall winner.

Choosing the best electric griddle

A griddle is one of the most important appliances that your kitchen should never do without. These versatile appliances have the ability to prepare everything, from breakfast to lunch to dinner. Griddles are best in the home kitchen, restaurant and in outside catering.

They make eggs, burgers, steak, tempura vegetables, sausage and pancakes for breakfast and no other appliance can beat griddle in heating grilled sandwiches.

Another great advantage of electric griddles is the fact that most are made from non-stick, easy to clean surfaces reducing the nightmare of having to wash the griddle after use. Most griddles today are designed such that the grill surface can be washed in the sink after being removed from the electric components.

Griddles are capable of cooking variety of food consistently and quickly. Griddles are made in such a way that they heat evenly on the whole surface. This is important because all the foods required to heat will cook at the same time. Foods like pork chops, scrambles eggs and hash browns when cooked using griddle come out golden brown on all sides because they are evenly heated.

Assuming you want to cook two different foods which require varying temperatures, you are supposed to purchase griddles with whose temperature can be controlled.

There are many different models. They all vary in quality, price, size, weight, shape, and thickness. When you go to buy a griddle do not compromise quality for the price. Most cheap griddles are not the best appliances but before you make such a judgment read the specifications. It is very tempting to buy a cheap griddle. Always make ample considerations before you buy a griddle.

Electric griddle buying guide:

Electric griddle plate thickness

The thickness of the plate should be the first thing to check. The thicker the plate the more evenly it will heat.

There are many options of thickness to choose from ranging from 3/8 to 1 inch. The thicker the electric griddle plate is, the more it is able to retain heat. This is important because after you add cold food temperature will be recovered faster. The thicker griddle plate will use more energy or electricity to heat and keep them hot so if you are on a tight budget you may consider buying thinner plates.

Thinner plates wear out and crack with time especially if a lot of frozen food is added often. They are inexpensive and they heat up and cool very fast. The thinner plates require less energy as compared to the thicker ones. If you want to buy the thicker griddle plate be ready to part with some good amount but it is worth.

Electric griddle plate surface

The electric griddle plate surface is a very important thing to consider. Most of the models in the market have plates whose surface is either made of steel or chrome plated steel.

Steel griddle plates are stronger as compared to the other material they are more durable and are easy to clean. The steel plates discolor with time although this has no effect on the cooking ability and again it is not good looking when it has discolored and many people will take that as a reason to disqualify it.

Chrome plated steel is more preferred by most cooks because it evenly distributes heat. Another thing which makes it a love for most cooks is that food does not stick on the surface of the plate as it does with steel. The reason why people still go for the steel one is that chrome plated steel is very expensive as compared to other models.

There are griddles which have a cast iron surface. This cast iron surface is ideal for cooking the same food over and over again in order to retain and preserve the flavor. Manufacturers give a guide on how to preserve the flavor when using this surface.

The other electric griddle plate surface is Aluminum surfaces. They heat up very fast and cool very quickly. The plate is not durable and is convenient for seasonal events otherwise if used often it will wear out very fast.
Another griddle plate surface is a grooved surface griddle which gives food some grill marking. It is not commonly found. It is used as an alternative to the flat surface. When it comes to removing grease from food it is better than the flat surface.

When choosing a griddle, you must choose the right temperature controller. The controls are either manual or thermostatic. Most experienced cooks prefer the manual control. They know how to manually set and adjust the control. The manual control is cheaper as compared to the thermostatic which is expensive.

The thermostatic control, one sets the temperature according to a set guideline and so the errors are minimized and there is less waste of food as compared to the manual control. Even though the thermostatic one is expensive its cost benefits are in the long run.

Energy sources

Electric griddles use electricity as the source of energy. Some will have a place where you can connect gas just in case there is a blackout in the middle of your cooking.

You will find electric griddles of all sizes in the market. Large griddles are convenient for restaurants where large amounts of food is cooked. As you might have guessed, they are more expensive than the small sized ones and may be harder to clean than the small sized ones.

Presto makes high-quality appliances. They are easier to operate. Presto griddles are made in such a way that they have a removable drip tray where grease from food drain. It slopes and has a backstop ledge which helps to drain the grease. Since the grease drains in a removable drip the Presto electric griddle remains clean. Cleaning it up is easy. The base is usually cool and you can’t burn your fingers. If the electric heat control is removed it can be immersed in water thereby giving it a thorough cleanup.

The Presto brand has a reputation of durability because it is made of quality material. It is light and portable, therefore you can place it anywhere and can keep moving it from one place to the other depending on where you want to use it at the moment. The Presto griddle may seem expensive but considering its durability it may be cheaper than most cheap griddles which are not durable because by the time Presto griddle wears out the owner of the cheap griddle will have bought several griddles.

George Foreman Evolve grills are one of the best grills on the market. What beats all other grills in the market is its design which is very convenient. The drip tray is made in such a way that it allows one to easily cook healthier meals. Cleaning up is very easy because of the removable plate.

The grill is black in color this means it does not attract a lot of dirt. George Foreman Evolve grill has a drip tray where all the extra grease from food is drained. This makes the food look attractive because it does not have a lot of fat. It heats up quickly. George Foreman Evolve grill has two plates that enable a variety of food to be cooked at the same time.

The George foreman evolve grill has an indicator light which alerts the cook that whatever they are cooking is ready, This is very important because no food will go to waste. Therefore even if the grill will seem expensive at the beginning, it will save the owner money, unlike the one which is cheaper but has no indicator light and so much food burns and goes to waste.


It is always good and advisable that before you buy an electric grill, read through reviews like the one above. Note, the most expensive is not necessarily the best griddle. Look at the features and the specifications. Make a point of considering the size because large electric griddle consumes a lot of energy and are only good if you have a big family or if you are buying to use in a restaurant.

Consider the griddle plate surface also otherwise you may buy one which will not last. Price also another consideration because some griddles have a high price just to convince the buyer that they are of high quality.

Presto griddles are known meet all the best qualities. The George Foreman evolve grills are some of the best grills on the market and are of high quality too.

You want to make food which everyone who takes it will never want to miss therefore get the best electric griddle. Buy those ones which will save your money in the long run.


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Well reviewed and great article. I went with the Presto 7601 and so far it’s serving me well. Thanks

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Nice content! I just want to add a little tip on maintenance – Your griddle should always be used on a dry surface that is heat resistant. It should be used on a countertop, not a bed or soft surface. The surface of the griddle is for food only. Don’t set pots, pans, plates, and bowls.

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